Sunday, March 10, 2013

Who won at High Court patent battle? Samsung vs Apple

Apple defeated Samsung at the high court. According to the judge, three technology patents it claimed had been infringed by its rival were invalid.

Samsung said it was disappointed by the court decision. Upon a thorough review of the judgment we will decide whether to file an appeal, a spokeswoman said.

The main issue was that The Korean giant sued Apple over patents related to the 3G mobile broadband standard. Its defeat is the latest result in a global barrage of claims and counterclaims between the two companies, which between them account for one in every two smartphone sold worldwide.

The three patents were “standards-essential” that mean the technology to make a 3G phone. But Samsung was obliged to license them. It was seeking a 2.4 per cent royalty on Apple iPhone sales.

All three patents were found invalid by The judge, Mr Justice Floyd. Because they were the same as earlier patents or described technology too “obvious” to enjoy legal protection. Last time Apple claiming Samsung had unlawfully copied the designs of the iPhone and iPad in its Galaxy range. It lost and was ordered to take out newspaper advertisements admitting it had not been ripped off.


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