Saturday, April 27, 2013

Top 5 Features of HTC One

4MP camera supports bigger pixel size for better images

HTC features the 4MP camera in its latest phone, HTC One. The pixel size has increased resulting in better images than the rival Smartphone’s. The bigger pixels mean that the images taken from the phone have lesser noise by capturing more light. HTC One reduces chances of blurry images by its Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS).The phone also has better low-light imaging capability due to F2 lens and OIS.  It means user can now take better pictures in real-world situations like taking those foodie shots in your favorite dimly-lit restaurant. There are other improvements also which make HTC One camera far and away the best Smartphone camera without compromising HTC’s renowned design style. 

4.7-inch Super LCD3 touch screen for an enhanced view

HTC One offers 4.7-inch Super LCD3 touch screen with resolution of 1920x1080p. Besides the smallest full HD screen, this Smartphone has the highest pixel density among all Smartphone that is 468ppi. However, Samsung Galaxy S III, Apple iPhone 5, and HTC Butterfly which is its rival have pixel density of 306ppi, 326ppi and 441ppi respectively. The Infinity Glass has been used in this new Smartphone, which is claimed to eliminate glare and is resistant to scratches.


HTC has included a new feature known as BlinkFeed in its latest Smartphone, HTC One. The company has associated itself with various magazines and newspapers to provide content to the users from a single hub making it simple for them to choose from a range of reading material from the same app. It also offers access to social media platforms namely Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and LinkedIn so that users can get all their updates without leaving the app. It streams all the social, entertainment, lifestyle, news and photo updates into a single live stream. Users don’t have to access separate applications to find out what’s happening.HTC BlinkFeed will offer both local and global content from more than 1,400 media sources like ESPN, MTV, Reuters and many more.

Boom Sound - Can't get louder than Beats Audio and two frontal speakers

HTC has added a new feature in HTC One known as Boom Sound. This feature offers front-facing speakers that are capable of delivering true stereo sound that is amplified with Beats Audio. In stereo speakers, HTC’s Boom Sound technology is integrated that enhance the audio quality. These two frontal speakers deliver output of 93 decibels. There are dual speaker’s grilles framing the front of the phone, implying presence of Boom Sound. The dedicated amplifier with Beats Audio in Boom Sound is enabled across for rich authentic sound whether playing games, or streaming a video from YouTube or listening to your favorite songs. This Beats Audio is used to ensure superior headphone audio quality.

Remote Control – Lost your TV's remote control? Use your phone

HTC One, a new Smartphone can also act as an extension to your television. It has the unique remote control feature that helps to surf the TV channel. With sense TV, user will be able to select TV channels, adjust audio and much more.  It has an IR blaster that control the TV and cable box from across a room. This will help to surf the channels of TV. This app can show users what is on display with just a tap on glossy interface. TV’s volume & recorded shows can also be controlled. It will also notify when the shows will be on.

Source: gm.kocha


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