Sunday, May 12, 2013

iPhone Update News: Future iPhones may have invisible buttons

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While there is a lot of talk about Apple losing its innovative streak after its visionary founder Steve Jobs passed away, the company seems to have a few tricks up its sleeve after all. The maker of the revolutionary iPhone has recently been granted a patent dubbed "disappearing button or slider." Tech grapevine is now abuzz that future iPhone models may have invisible buttons.

According to the patent document, buttons in iPhones as well as other devices featuring this patented technology will remain hidden by default and appear only when needed. These controls will be made using the same material as casing of the device so that they are not visible and will be "selectively backlit through tiny holes." They will also get activated upon sensing heat, sound or motion of fingers along the surface.

This patented technology would work not only on smartphones but also on laptops and gaming consoles.

While this feature may still take sometime to grace Apple devices, media grapevine also suggests that the company is working on a cheaper iPhone that is likely to be unveiled next month. Various companies and analysts, citing supply chain sources, have said that this device will be positioned against Samsung's mid-range Galaxy series. A leaked Apple internal document has revealed that the cheaper iPhone would be priced approximately $300-$400. Also, an alleged leaked image of the cheaper iPhone shows the upcoming device sporting a glossy plastic back.


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