Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Upcoming Blackberry Smartphone: Blackberry Announced Blackberry Q5


As expected, a new BlackBerry 10 smartphone was announced today, tailored for the needs of budget-conscious consumers. Meet the BlackBerry Q5 – an affordable, colorful handset sporting a full QWERTY keyboard positioned underneath its display.

Details regarding the hardware specs of the BlackBerry Q5 are scarce at the current moment. All we know is that that its maker has used a 3.1-inch touchscreen for the new device. A front-facing camera appears to be present as well. 

The BlackBerry Q5 smartphone will be available this summer in select markets across Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. Expect seeing it in four different colors – black, white, red, and pink. Pricing specifics haven't been revealed yet, but we're assuming that the BlackBerry Q5 will be significantly cheaper than the Z10 or Q10 smartphones.

Source: phonearena


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