Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How to save or reduce internet data usage in your smartphone?

In smartphone internet data has a limitation. For using 3G this data finish very quickly. You loose your monthly pakage internet data within a week. Many user don't know how to reduce this data and why internet is gone so quickly. This problem can easily be avoided if some neasures can be taken. 

Before download a file from internet, you should check the volume of the data also check your remaining data limit and date limit. Like in google play store you can easily see the detailsof the product. Some games take more than 1GB. So before yoy download check the volume. 

To watch video online you have to careful also. If you watch high defination video in youtube, your data will not take much time to finish. Sone adds are displaying with games or apps. This take so much data. If you are a android user change your update option to WiFi only. Turn off autoplay video option from facebook apps. Don't turn on satallite or traffic view data in google map if you don't need it. If you use your mobile in computer for internet uses please turn off automatic update from control panel. 

Internet user of monthly pakage, you can know which apps take how muck data with My Data Manager for android & iPhone.

My Data Manager

My data manager is a popular apps that will help you take control of your mobile data usage and save your money for monthly phone bill. Use my data manager to look up your every data usage, monitor which apps take most data. 

Key features:

Data tracker
Apps tracker

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