Monday, March 25, 2013

Smartphone or Smart watch?

If I could put on smartphone on my hand! Good news for those who are thinking about it- soon you can make call with your watch. Besides you can take pictures, video, browse internet and so on. Techno Researchers said that there will no longer difference between smartphone and smart watch. Wrist watch now can be used like smartphone and also smartphone will wearable technology. 

Market Researchers said that, this year will be the year of wearable technology. They hoped that. This year people interest will increase on the watch & glass technology. So that this year more technology like that will come on market. 

After the smartphone the smart watch market is beginning. More than a dozen organizations is creating smart watch. Techno researchers predict, in 2014 the market of smart watch will more than 600 billion US dollar. Techno based website Gijmodo said that after Samsung Google will bring this kind of watch. Microsoft may show interest in this technology.

Apple I Watch

Apple may bring smart watch with top Intel processor.  This smart watch name will be “I Watch”.

Google smart watch

Google attracts us with some new technology. Google’s nest attraction will be a Smart watch. Google authority also make patent for this smart watch. Google will add artificial intelligence or virtual technology with the smart watch. 

Samsung “Galaxy smart watch”

For long days the news of bringing smart watch was limited to blog and news. Now Samsung Mobile Vice President Lee Young had published it. This smart watch will add with the popular galaxy series. Samsung authority may name it Galaxy Alteas. 

Pable Smart Watch

Pable is going to make a smart watch just like James Bond wearing a smart watch in a movie. This Smart watch will support Android and IOS operating system. 

Sony Smart watch 

Sony will bring a Smart watch with Android operating system.

Pine smartphone, smart watch

Recently Neptune Computer brought a smart watch that can be used like as smartphone. This smartphone has Android operating system, 2.4 inch monitor and also can make call with micro sim card. Also you can browse internet, play song, take picture & video. This smart watch have also the five megapixel camera, a heart rate monitor, FM radio, digital compass. 

Techno Researchers said that, Smart watch will come to the market will all technology of a Smartphone. So new buyer will have to think about Smartphone or Smart Watch?

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