Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Latest Upcoming Gesture Technology: Wireless Sensing Technology for Smartphone

At early you can comand your smartphone to do what you want by gesture technology. Technologist claimed that, with their new "wireless sensing technology" you can control your samrtphone by gesture technology and your samrtphone will receive the comand.

Technologist of University of Washington are working with wireless sensing technology. They told that now in many samrtphone camera use 3D gesture sensing technology. But it take so much battery and your hand movement should to be cleared in front of camera. But wireless sensing technology will take low charge and can detect motion from any side. It will work if your samrtphone is in your pocket. Soon it will use in smartphone and tablet.

How this technology will work and how to use this?

Technologist give the answer that, when any one call and use apps smartphone send wave to 2G, 3G or 4G network. So that it can communicate sellolar base station. If send wave and sense your movement then receive it.   It has many small sensors that detect the reflectance. Technologist gave this project name "Sideswape"

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