Friday, September 19, 2014

New Facility For Android Users: Data Encryption Facility For Next Generation Android Operating System

Next generation users of android operating system will enjoy special data encript facility. For this facility your personal database will safe from everybody. 18 sept. android authority told that, in next version of android users will have by default data encryption facility. It will add another layer of security for your personal data in your smartphone. 

Google was giving this encryption facility with some products past some years. But only a few users know this technique. For that reason google now picturing a new feature so that data can encript by default. Who who has the password for his smartphone he only can access his data. So its perfectly secured. 

So The Question How this Data Encryption Can Be Done? 

Data Encryption facility available in all product of android. This can be done from security setting. For that for every time you open your smartphone or tab to enter you data a password have to enter. So if your smartphone lost and the thief restart your smartphone he can not access your any kind of data. It will slow down your phone slightly but your data security is no one. So go to security and set data encryption. 

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